Friday, 15 June 2012

Crochet Beanie Pattern


Hi!!! OMG it feels like forever since I have been on my blog! I’m so sorry, but I will make it up to you all, I promise!
Now that its FREEZING here in Canberra Mr MDLO wanted me to make him a beanie using the same pattern that was used with his favourite beanie he bought in Brazil. HA he thought I couldn’t do it!! Well I proved him wrong!
So here it goes. I have never written a crochet pattern out before so please pull me up if I have made a mistake. Now let’s hope this makes sense!! ;)
dc- Double crochet
ss- Slip stich
ch- Chain
  Round 1: Ch 5, join with ss in 1st chain to form a ring
Round 2: dc 10, ss in 1st DC to complete round. It’s good to place a marker here, so you know where the round starts.  CH2  (10 dc)
Round 3:  2dc in every dc around, ss in 1st dc to complete round, ch2 (20dc)
Round 4: 2dc in every dc around, ss in 1st dc to complete round ch2 (40dc)
Round 5-17: dc in every dc around, ss in 1st dc to complete round ch2 (40dc)
Round 18:  dc in every stich around, fasten off using ss in 1st dc to complete round. (40dc)
And there you have it a simple beanie!  You can adjust how many rows you do to make a larger or smaller beanie.
(The black beanie is the one I made with this pattern)


  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I have a question though, what size of hook did you use? Thanks, -Alyssa

  2. I'd like to know too.

  3. Thank u soo much

  4. Oh my gosh ladies I'm so sorry I have neglected my blog!
    I think I used a 5.00mm (U.S 8/H UK 6) I usually go with the information that is on the packet. Most wool that you buy at craft stores have the suggested hook size to help give the right tension.
    I hope this helps.:)

    1. Hi I am in the process of making a beanie using the red heart brand of yarn and a I/9-5.50MM crochet needle. This is going to be my second hat(I hope it will work!) Thank u soo much for this wonderful pattern! I just wish u could add in pictures of each step. Again, thank you!

  5. Wow thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u.............. I just finished making three beanies! Thank u so much!!! ( I am the same person who commented about the pictures 4 the steps.)

  6. Aw thank you lovely.This is my 1st crochet pattern so im glad it worked for you! I would love to see your finnished beanies :)

    1. I wish I could send u a pic.!

  7. Thank you, I was looking for an easy beanie ;)

  8. Thanks so much for this pattern. I've made three so far. I used a K hook with a thicker yarn. I also added a flower on one. Thanks again.